Shots Fired! 2023 Walking the Beat

A Satire, Written and arranged by Angela Kariotis and members of the devised theater cohort Directed by Theo Perkins


Sat, September 09, 2023

7:00 PM – 9:30 PM EDT


Thomas Jefferson Arts Academy

27 Martin Luther King Jr, Blvd

Elizabeth, NJ 07201

United States



In a world grappling with the sobering reality of gun violence (heartbeat), the stage becomes a mirror reflecting the complexities of human behavior and society's struggles. While the subject matter itself is undeniably grave, satire provides an avenue to dissect the absurdities, contradictions, and hypocrisies that surround the discourse on guns. By exaggerating these aspects through humor, satire allows us to dissect the intricacies of society's relationship with firearms – from the political wrangling over regulations to the glorification of violence. We chose satire and comedy to protect our own well-being too. Our play seeks to ignite conversations that may otherwise remain buried beneath the weight of statistics and sorrow. The characters that will grace the stage are not caricatures, but rather vessels through which we explore the shades of humanity – from the victims and perpetrators to the policymakers and armchair critics. We are challenged to contemplate the role we play in the perpetuation or prevention of this epidemic.

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